She’s got everything you want …

Successful software analyst Natasha has the perfect house, wonderful friends, and a love of reading. She is obsessed with an up-and-coming author, and considers herself his number one fan.

Then strange things start happening to Natasha; all incidents from his best-sellers. Someone is stalking her. By why? As her friends start turning away from her, she begins to think she’s losing her mind.

Lives are threatened, relationships are severed and Natasha is dead center of it all. Everyone in her life is a suspect. 


But who can she trust?


"If I could give this book 8 stars I would. Wow, Wow, Wow!! If you like twists, turns and being kept on the edge of your seat this is the book for you. This book kept me wanting more at the end of every chapter and I couldn't put it down! Absolutely a great read. I love the way this story kept me guessing as to who was really the evil one during the progression of the story. I kept thinking it was someone different the whole time. I cannot find the words enough to describe how much I enjoyed reading this book, and was completely surprised at the ending. You will not be disappointed."  Amazon Customer

"An ingenious plot in a fast-paced thriller signals a fresh voice on the scene. Great for curling up with on a lazy day!" LM, Amazon

Coming soon: Dark Souls